Sunday, March 4, 2007

What next Lord?

I just had the most amazing weekend! My parents came down here from Syracuse (or is that up here?...whatever) and I went with them to Toronto to dance at Mission Fest. I met some wonderful people and I had an opportunity to dance with them there to honour Creator. There is no time that I feel more freedom than when dancing before Him....with the beat of the drum sounding all around.
I start to hear Creator's heart beating for the people there, how much He loves them and wants them to be walking in the freedom He gives.
There is much for me to learn as I walk the path that He has for me. I have been surrounded with so many wonderful people that I can glean from though. I am very blessed:o)


Shari said...

I love to watch as you dance with your family. Your face beams when you have opportunity to spend time with the Greens. I also see that your husband loves to see you blessed.
Welocme to the world of blogging. This is also new for me. I had checked out others blogs but personal didn't make an entry till this week.
Keep on dancing!

Holly said...

Hi Tammy,
I like your blog! I will be looking forward to reading your thoughts in day to come! ;o)

Jen said...


Keep Dancing, and Keep smiling! Welcome to the "Connection"...can't be isollated when you are connected! ;)

Don't forget to call about that supper...

Williams Family Blog said...

Welcome Tammy!

Glad to see you have a blog.

I am so blessed that since moving to Belleville 7 years ago God has given me some wonderful First Nations friends. Looking forward to reading your Blog in the upcoming weeks.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you have found the family that you have longed for, and you are finding your creative purpose!

Keep worshipping!

Mommy said...

Hi Tammy

Glad to hear this makes you so HAPPY. Wish we could have been there to see you.
Next time, God willing.

God bless
Love Mommy