Monday, March 12, 2007

I love my dog!

If only I could love people as much as I love my dog! There are some people on earth that make it difficult to be Christ-like. If people would not get in our would be so much easier to be more like Him!lol I thank God for my dog almost daily as she has been such a blessing from Him. Shyla has brought so much joy to our lives and helped me to get out of the house more for exercise even when I feel like being a lump on a the couch.
Seriously though I am having some difficulties with loving some of my co-workers. It makes it harder when you know that they hate you. I have come to expect it though which makes it easier to live with. However, I want to not just live with it...but still love them and see them thru Creator's eyes. He loves them and wants them to know Him and I don't want to do anything that would take away any opportunities that I may have to share Him with them.
Lord, help me!!


Cheryl said...

Sometimes people don't really hate you, they may hate the joy that you carry , or the peace that you walk in. You are the greatest opportunity to show light to them.
Even though its hard, keep going their happy light bulb!

PS- maybe you should envision your co-workers with a dogs head, and it will be easier! Ha!

Love you Tammy

Tamatha said...

Oh I am going to laugh whenever I look at some of my co-workers!lol (mental picture) Thanks Cheryl!lol