Saturday, March 31, 2007

My beautiful friend Tabea:o)

Since I am done my high school and am now on a week holiday from work also...when I got up this morning I thought I would start to clear out the 12 or more pages sitting in my inbox of my hotmail account. Then I came across this e-mail from my beautiful friend Tabea. She sent me her blog site address like a year ago! I had no idea what a blog was and apparently didn't take the time to investigate it either cause I don't remember seeing it.
Tabea is a young woman from Germany that God has brought into my life and I miss her dearly. I am so thankful to Him for the opportunity to miss wonderful people. She truly is a gem of a friend and I love her deeply. She has ministered to my heart on many occasions with her own sweet love for our Jesus. In fact I would say that she is madly in love with Him...which is where I want to be again. I want to focus on Him every day and see things thru His eyes so that I can be His light wherever I am. I want to be able to fade into the background so that He can shine thru more and more.
It is funny ya know (perhaps a bit of Jehovah Sneaky funny) that at the beginning of my week of holidays I am able to read thru Tabea's entire blog site and get a bit "caught up" on things over the past year and wouldn't you know it there is a section on the vacation she took with Jesus.
This is the type of person she is...get this...she took one week off from all around her to go to a monastery to spend a week with Jesus! This has encouraged me to really spend some time with Jesus this week that I have off. I have plans to go and visit people but at these places I will have times where I will be alone with Him (and Shyla) and we will all go on walks together. I want to tune into His voice more and obey even when I don't understand it. (Lord, knows that would have been a good idea last night!)

This is a couple of things I copied from her site that really touched me:

The blood of Jesus made me free. I am free and the only one that can bring me back into captivity is myself. I can only be bound by others or circumstances if I let them. I am free in my spirit and even if I my body would be captive, I could still be free to fly and soar if I am set on the truth. God’s word is the truth and He says that I am set free. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how I feel, it doesn’t matter how my circumstances are. It doesn’t matter what others do to me. He says I am set free. That’s what I believe. That’s who I am. I am what He says I am. He knows best. I can never be more free than I am right now already. Does this make sense? If we really get a hold of this and live it out our lives will never be the same. No, I am not becoming crazy. I ‘ve never seen more clearly than now. And I know this is nothing but a tiny glimpse. There is tons of revelation waiting for us. Straight from the heart of God. We only need to take the time so God can download it. It’s time to actually believe what the bible says.

Tonight I am having a date night with Jesus again. I LOVE IT! Candles, cookies and Jesus. There’s nothing sweeter than this. Isn’t it weird that after you have found Jesus you keep still looking for him? You can find him everywhere - in the sunset, in a thunder storm, in the face of a baby, in the old wrinkled hands of an old woman, in the fragrance of a flower, in the sound of a river, in the laughter of a child, in the beauty of silence, in the sweetness of a cookie :-) He makes it very easy for us to find him if we just go and look for him. I think he wants to be found so badly that he hides where everyone can find him who really wants to.

I loved looking thru your site Tabea! It is a treat to be able to look at the different places you have been. You are a truly gifted photographer who loves to capture what the Master Painter has posted for us in the world around us. Thank-you for being you and once again inspiring me to go further on and in with our Jesus.



Williams Family Blog said...

Congrats on finishing your high school diploma !!!!!!!

Say, your friend Tabea, what an incredible young woman. I love to hear how others have fallen in love with Jesus.

Where did you meet her?


Tamatha said...

I had the honor of working with Tabea at the girls home in Consecon. She came over from Germany to be an intern there. She first came over to go to the school of ministry at T.A.C.F. I think...then ended up at New Life.:o)
She has come to visit since leaving...but informs me that it is my turn to visit her in Germany. So Tom will just have to work more to pay for another trip after the Australia one!lol