Monday, March 26, 2007

Lesson 16...Only four more to go!!!

Hey there peoples......ya'll are being so encouraging I thought I would share with you my poem I had to write today. I have not written a poem in many many many years!!

The place I long to go…

The place I long to go
So far from where I was born
I will say my hello
Or my heart will be forlorn
A vibrant city of Australia
Filled with the bustle and hum of activity
Tall buildings and drama
And then it’s off to the country

A journey into my heart
I see the beauty of the rock ablaze with red
Into my spirit Creator will impart
Divine mysteries ahead
Pristine surroundings
Graceful shadowy hills
Here I will get my bearings
Into the depth of my being the Lord instills

Australia beloved and cherished
Is filled with aboriginal peoples
They have not vanished
And are not in shackles
With the freedom to be who they are
It is their birthright, their heritage
The barefooted bizarre
My Creator will heal all of the damage
I had to pick three pictures and write a poem from them.....and since I am planning on going to Australia as soon as we can afford it...I decided to do it on that. I feel like I need to go there soon and know that God will provide the way in His perfect timing.:o) (without further debt! Dave Ramsey course!)lol


Jen said...

Good job Tammy!

Australia sounds like for you, what China is for me...bless you

Holly said...

Hi there,
I am proud of you Tammy! Keep on working...Australia sounds great, can I come?!

Josiah had to write a Cinquain Poem yesterday. I am going to post it on my blog later today.