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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

House is for sale!

Listed at $209500.00
If it sells.....I shall miss our sauna!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Grandma was the head cook and then supply officer on this vessel

"The 210 foot Alexander Henry, a retired Canadian Coast Guard Ship, was acquired by the Museum in 1985 and is permanently secured alongside the museum dock. The Alexander Henry was built in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1959. It served primarily in the Great Lakes as a Navigation Aids Tender & Light Icebreaker. Major advances in marine technology hastened the retirement of the Alexander Henry. The ship now offers a remarkable opportunity for an experience aboard a Canadian Coast Guard vessel. The Alexander Henry is a Museum Ship because it represents the best of Canadian shipbuilding technology from 1950-1970."
A blurb from the tourist brochure from the Marine Museum in Kingston, Ontario
When I told my Grandma that people paid to sleep there she said "I can't understand why...the beds were not that comfortable" Just the same though I think I shall go spend a night on this ship sometime in the future.
I can remember as a child when Grandma would have to be taken back to the ship....sometimes my brother and I would be able to walk on I can picture the inside some....having to step up over doorways and meeting the captain.
Then as we drove away with Grandpa...asking him "Grandpa? When is Grandma coming home?" I was one excited grandchild when she retired and would not have to leave us anymore!!:o)

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