Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As a child I loved Garfield...I had a poster up in my room of him...it said "I'll procrastinate tomorrow!" It made me laugh....so I bought it...but I am afraid I bought into it a lot more than I thought. Procrastination has been a way of life that has effected many areas of my life. I know that God has wanted me to finish high school for a long time now...but I procrastinated.
Last year I decided that I would do my high school and it would be symbolic of my days of procrastination being behind me.lol Wouldn't you know it...I procrastinated on that too! This year I will graduate from high school. I only needed four credits and the school let me take three of them as co-op courses and one grade 12 english. The english course has 20 lessons and two tests in it. I have already handed in seven lessons and one is ready to be handed in. I plan on having at least two more lessons done before March break is over so I can schedule my midterm with them. So.......8 lessons down......12 to go!:o)
Help me Lord!


Holly said...

Go Tammy Go! I am cheering you on!!!!
I am proud of you!

Jen said...

You Go Girl! I am very proud of you for getting this done....it will be such a weight off your shoulders! Tell Tom that he needs to host a grad. party when it is all over...that will give you incentive!

Thanks again for being such a fun help with my kids last Thursday night. You are a blessing!

Nana Cheryl said...

Procrastination - the great "P" word!! I too struggle with procrastination, but once I get started I'm fine. (then I have to know when to stop!!) Mine kicks in from my "ADD" - too many distractions and hard to get focused. I know I have to allow myself some leeway timewise in the beginning - and then - full steam ahead!!! Maybe that's why I am a last minute person - work best pressing the deadline. :o) Keep going - it's worth it!!

Amy said...

What a feeling you'll have once you've completed this!! Well done Pearl!!


FreedomWalker said...

Is this the blog of Chronic Bear? If it is...hello to you my friend! Kim Lavigne here...all the way from Quebec!
Bless you

Tamar said...

Hi Tammy,
Great to see You on Blogging...I've been away so long I forgot how to get into my old blog so I started a new one today.
Praying You are inspired for the essay!
Bless You!