Monday, November 16, 2009

Tim Tams!!!

They have Tim Tams at Wal -Mart!!! Only in three flavours though. (plain, dark chocolate and caramel) I am hoping that they will get the double coated ones too! (you can never have too much chocolate on a Tim Tam!)

Proper way to eat: Bite off opposite corners (see pic) and then stick one end in the hot beverage of your choice and suck on the other end like a straw till you have liquid in your mouth. Then shove the whole thing in your mouth quickly because it is about to melt.haha


Maureen said...

My girlfriend just came for a vist from Australia and she brought me some Tim Tams and we sat and drank coffee and ate till we couldn't eat anymore Yummy

The Bakers said...

We have Tim Tams here in Thailand too!! We do the same :) Coffee + Tim Tams= Yummy Goodness!!