Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It is quite possible that I just "might" have an addiction...

It is not however to this game. I am quite competitive...I like having the high score. On facebook I get to compete with any of my friends that decide to waste some of their time playing such games. On this game...I am rarely without the highest score among others. Usually only happens when I don't have time to play. I am good. I get medals and I LOVE all the kewl noises they have....I LOVE beeping and I LOVE the sound of squeaky doors. Especially if I know that it could possibly annoy someone else.hehe (not mischievous at all)

Seriously though...I come by it honestly. In my house where I grew up...we were always trying to get the high score on some game or another. It was not about the game really. It was about being the best at something and getting the recognition. Someone saying "nice score" and playing for hours to try to beat it was a really great feeling.

Now....if only I could be putting such dedication towards some other more important things that I have been procrastinating on.

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Telola said...

You make me smile! Haha. It must run in the family because Amanda and Terry are the same way.