Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am tired of sentences coming out of my mouth (or just going thru my head) that start with things like: "I wish we had...." or "I can't wait till...." or one of the worst is "We REALLY need to..."

Help me Lord to be happy with what we have!

Things I am thankful for today...

1. We have a beautiful house
2. Lots of wood to burn this winter
3. Family living near by
4. Lots of friends that are like family
5. My husband loves me despite my quirks
6. My sister loves me despite my quirks
7. My Australia friend is coming to visit! (only 35 more sleeps...but who is counting?)
8. Shyla loves to play with Snickers (no...not the chocolate bar...the dog)
9. God NEVER gives up.
10. God loves my family even more than I even if I don't know where one of them is...He does and is very much interested in his life.
11. I am SO thankful that this list is pouring out of me...without even having to take time to think!:o)


Karen Koroscil said...

12. A family in Pembroke that love you very much!!

Journey Girl said...

Glad you added Friends who are like family who love you!!! So happy to have you in MY life Miss Pearl!

Journey Girl said...

Really glad you added Friends who are like family to your list. Happy to have you in my life!