Monday, February 11, 2008

My dog likes her food....but...she also eats her crap. WARNING: If you have a weak stumache...this post may not fare well with you.

Today I cooked another one of Shyla's favourite meals for her. Chowhound Chicken Soup! It has chicken/water/carrots/celery/rice. She likes this and it makes sense to me. What does not make sense is that she also will eat her poo. This does not shock me...I have seen many dogs eat poopcicles in the winter time. What shocked me today was when she turned around and ate her freshly plopped poop! We are was still steaming on the snow! How incredably gross! I don't usually have a weak stumache...but the sight of that made me want to vomit! So? What shall I be doing about this? I am going to go out and pick up her droppings as she goes I guess is the only solution. Banging on the window and yelling no didn't do anygood! (for some reason...I don't want her kisses these days) Nasty...just nasty! Sorry....I just couldn't keep it to

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