Monday, November 12, 2007

It's raining!!:o( did not go how I wanted it to go...but then neither did my life and I am pretty happy with that. I had visions of how much arranging and unpacking I would get done...and then I realized...there is nobody here to help move furniture! Drat...I shall have to wait till Rebecca gets home and she will help me. It's just a mattress and a dresser...but it is holding me up from being able to do so many other things.

So what to do? I took my shopping list out and started off. First I went to all of the second hand stores looking for a nice sturdy pot to put on the wood stove to have moisture coming into the air. (did not find that but I am not done looking yet) Then I went grocery shopping and now back home again. While I was at the store I realized that there are those nasty Trans Fats in almost everything. (or so it seemed) I picked things up that I wasn't even going to get to try to find something without them...and they are everywhere! Scary stuff.

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