Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am looking for a part time job.

Today I saw an advertisement for a part time job. So I took in a resume and within an hour and a half of dropping it off...I get a phone call for an interview. I have an appointment at 6pm tonight.

Now it has never been hard for me to find a job. There always seems to be something available when I need it and it all comes together fairly easily. Yet I still get nervous with the whole interview thing. I try to just be myself and hope for the best. Thus far I have never had an interview that didn't end in a job. I know that Jehovah will have for us the job that I need to be able to help contribute to our household needs and desires. He is so good to us. I shall update you on the job search as I know more.


redeemed diva said...

well...how'd it go?

Jen said...

So....How did it go????

Tamatha said...

I got the job...I go in on Tuesday to fill out paperwork...and start on Sat.!:o)

Amy said...

Can you say where??

Tamatha said...

Yeah.....I am working at the Intelligencer...in the mail room. Wednesday and Thursdays I start at 7pm.

Also I am working part-time at New Life again. (loving being back there)