Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I just got back from Parry Sound. My brother and I went to see our Grandmother and family there. It was SO good to see everyone:o)
The doctor has said that I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my right wrist badly and is sending me to a specialist to have both wrists looked at. (Since they both hurt) I have to wait until July2nd for that appointment....and then if it is indeed carpel tunnel....I will be referred on to a surgeon. In the meantime I am not allowed to lift more than five pounds at work and I am not allowed to do repetitive tasks. I am hoping that something will be found for me to do within my department at work....I really don't want to have to cross-train someplace else to be able to have the light duties. (we shall see what happens)
I am really tired right now....which is good cause I have to get up at 4:30am to be at work for 6:00am.......so I should be able to sleep well tonight!
That's all for now as my cat refuses to sit anyplace but my shoulder....which makes typing difficult.


Jen said...

Sweet Granny Pic!

Wow! I didn't know you were having trouble with your wrists...this is not good.
Blessy Tammy God!

Sue said...

Finally I found your blog!!

What were your symptoms with carpal tunnel? Did your hands go numb at night??


Tamatha said...

Yes....my hands have gone numb at night....and also during the day sometimes. (and lots of pain...off and on)
oh....and I didn't hide my blog...honest!:o)