Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm home!!

I just got back from an incredible time at Singing Waters in Orangeville. I forgot my bible at home (opps!) I had plenty of time to walk around the trails and just listen to what the Father was saying. Here's a little something that I got while wondering the property that I wanted to share:

The winds of change have come. It is no longer enough for you to remain on the outer courts. your heart will not be satisfied if you continue to live on the outskirts of my presence.
Your soul thirsts for more of me and I your daddy, long to see you walk in continuous peace. As you choose to walk in faith with humility you will not be able to outrun my blessings. It is my heart to pour out overwhelming portions of hope, joy and love to you. This is not just for you but to pass on to those around you. I will give you the strength and the courage to be my arms extended to this world. For whatever you do to the least of these, so have you also done to me.
I love you. You are precious to me. You are my daughter, in whom I am well pleased.
Your friend,

I know that this was for me....but I had a sense that it is for some others as if this speaks to ya.....go ahead an claim it for yourself.:o)


Jen said...

Awesome gift for you for Father's Day!
I think sometimes we forget...I know I do, that a big part of God healing and changing us is to enable us to reach out to others...
Love you tammy

Amy said...

Excellent! I love the thought of God being pleased....Sometimes we feel to hear him say he loves us, and is pleased..WOW!!

Holly said...

Sure...I will receive that! ;o) Love ya Tammy!

redeemed diva said...

Hey Tammy.
Cool beans. I receive that too.
YOu are awesome woman of faith. go to the inner courts and Holy of Holies--good times await!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

How are you? I just came across the beautiful card that you gave me at Singing Waters and I wanted to say thank you again and check up to see how you are.

I trust that the Lord is blessing you and walking you through the healing recieved that weekend.
Be blessed as you are a blessing to others.

Your love and encouragement truly reflect the Father's heart.

In Christ,

Tamatha said...

Finally I have heard from you! Yay! Except I still don't have a way of contacting you. So I hope you come back here to see my response:o) (and let me know how I can reach you)
I am going to be in Toronto on the 4th for a kick off meeting that is at T.A.C.F. for a thing called The Call.
I have been fighting a cold ever since I got back from Singing Waters. (starting to win the battle this week)
Blessings to you!:o)