Thursday, April 2, 2009

Borrowed from Amy:o) Thanks lady!

i am: tired of being tired
i think: a lot
i know: that God is with me
i want: to live simply
i have: enjoyed life
i wish: i had a flight booked for Australia
i hate: injustice
i miss: when life seemed more simple
i fear: failure
i feel: lots
i hear: the fire crackle
i smell: nothing
i crave: fishing!
i search: for the good in all things. (had to borrow that one)
i wonder: what tomorrow holds. (and this one)
i regret: rushing
i love: camping
i ache: all over
i care: about a lot
i always: do what's right (eventually)
i am not: able to do the things I used to
i believe: God still has a plan
i dance: with regalia on:o)
i sing: less than I used to
i don’t always: know what to think
i fight: to stay positive
i write: less than I used to
i win: because I have the highest score!lol
i lose: too much sleep
i never: say never
i confuse: my husband often
i listen: to music
i can usually be found: with a quick text
i am scared: spiders
i need: more of God
i am happy about: my future


Jen said...

great list Tammy, how is the job?

Tamatha said...

Well...about that job. I ended up not working it cause my wrists need something less manual.:o( Still looking for something!

Shaun and Holly said...

Oh!! Did you do a few shifts? How did they go, other than your wrists were unhappy?

Will pray for you. Blessings as you job hunt...