Monday, June 23, 2008

Another one of the many forwards I have received!lol

Subject: 6 Questions - 4 Answers!

Four Places I Go To Over And Over (Not Necessarily in this order!)

  • Work




Four People Who E-Mail Me: (Regularly)

  • Brendan

    Tom's Mum

    Aunt Judy

    Facebook!lol...I know it is not a person...but it is because of ppl that I get messaged

Four of My Favourite Foods:

  • Chocolate



    Garlic on so many things!

  • Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:> Australia

    New Life Girls Home

    Parry Sound


Four People I Think Will Respond: I never know who to put in this spot!

  • ?

Four Places I Have Lived:

  • Parry Sound, ON

    Consecon, ON

    Peterborough, ON

    Port Hardy, BC

Four TV Shows I Watch:

  • House

    American Idol

    That 70's Show

    The Dog Whisperer

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