Monday, July 23, 2007

News letter from 4MyCanada

So many of you have e-mailed to tell us that you tuned in and prayed along side the CALL this past Saturday! Thank you so much for rising to the CALL in the spirit - every voice in prayer counts. Once again, we find that we are landing in historic days.
We were told that there were so many people logging on for the God TV webcast that the server crashed. In one way this is sad to hear, but in another, we rejoice! Too many people that want to join in and pray! What a great problem for the planet to have.
The CANADA RISES TO THE CALL road trip was amazing. The team that travelled together from Toronto had members from Vancouver Island all the way to New Brunswick, English-Canadians, French-Canadians, First Nations, Asian-Canadians, and ages ranging from early 60's to 8yrs old! It was a truly Canadian representation and the team did excellent.

We began the road trip with a launch meeting in Toronto. The time went 'deep' as our hearts were prepared for what we were about to embark upon. Once we arrived in Nashville the team plunged hard into the activities all day Friday and joined in many prayer times that had been set aside to prepare the way in the spirit for the gathering on 07.07.07 (Saturday).
07.07.07 started early (6am) as we gathered to join in with a 2 mile repentance walk for the sins released through the summer of 1967, and for our immorality in the western world in general. There were an estimated 40-50,000 people that joined in the walk. The street was a 2 mile sea of people praying! It was both powerful visually as well as powerful in the spirit. There was a heavy weight of God's convicting presence over all the people.
We streamed into Titan Stadium and were greeted by several tens of thousands who were already there worshiping and praying. (The peak crowd of the day was an estimated 75,000.)
The team pressed in hard core with the masses to pray for sexual purity both in the church and in society. Deep repentance went throughout the crowd and many people were set free from sexual addiction as we prayed.
We also spent a significant amount of time praying for the issue of life, repenting, and declaring the LIFE BAND COVENANT (click here to find out more) whereby we each committed to pray for the ending of abortion (using the 22 word prayer that Lou Engle wrote to replace the Lord's prayer that was taken out of schools in the late 60's), we covenanted to vote but only vote for pro-life candidates and lastly we covenanted to obey the call to be the answer to our own prayers (i.e. adopting unwanted children and providing services and support for women who chose to keep their babies).
One of the high points of the day was a point where we all renewed our personal covenant with God. Many rededicated their hearts with deep consecration, others gave their hearts for the first time. It was so powerful to be a part of this and watch lives being transformed on mass.
CANADA: The Canadian team was deeply impacted and I know each of us is carrying a deep impartation back to our respective communities, provinces and regions. The 55 on the bus were met with hundreds of other Canadians in Nashville who travelled straight to Tennessee from their home regions. Some drove from as far as Vancouver Island and Abbotsford BC!
As the team debriefed words used to describe their experiences were along the lines of:
"I will never be the same again."
"I am wrecked [a good wrecked]."
"My heart broke for the unborn, women who have had abortions and even for doctors who have performed abortions."
"It was an honour to be a part of such a clearly historic event."
We agree.


Jen said...


So amazing for you to look back on this in the years to come, seeing the impact of this time....and knowing you were there!!!!

May all that He has begun,. continue!


Tamatha said...

Yeah...I am still working on my own description of the be posted later.:o) Still lots going on in my heart in regards to it all.

Tamatha said...

Yeah...I am still working on my own description of the be posted later.:o) Still lots going on in my heart in regards to it all.